Welcome Swaggy Brides!

Swaggy Bride LLC was created in 2020 during an unforeseen time in our lives, the pandemic. Life as we knew it changed. After many days with nowhere to physically go, our creator used this time to channel her creativity into something we ALL could love. Swaggy Bride was birthed to support brides with various personalities, style and edge. One of the best days of our lives is the day we become brides, so why NOT have fun with it! Our creator solely designed and/or selected every item. 14+ years of wedding planning experience and holding different hats in the wedding industry our creator dedicated herself to wanting every bride to show their personality through clothes without having to say a word. Bride, you are an art!

We will continue to create and design for the times, update, upgrade and follow trends and create trends as we grow!

Thank you for being a Swaggy Bride